26: Q&A with Prospective Homeschool Mom, Myisha Wallace - part 1

In this episode of the Homeschool Our Way Podcast, I’m joined by prospective homeschool mom, Myisha Wallace. She’s done her homework and came prepared with questions on how homeschooling can be an option for her 3 children.

In this episode (part 1 of our conversation), we get to talk about virtual schooling options and ways to nurture her children’s natural talents and interests.

Listen in because Myisha may very well ask a question that you’ve been wondering about too!

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Resources mentioned in this episode

  1. NSBE Jr (grades 3-12) | National Society of Black Engineers
  2. Black Girl MATHgic Box | MATHgic Prince Football + Math Box 
  3. Girls of the World INC | faith-based mentoring organization for girls, with meet-ups, college tours, book clubs, sewing classes and more.
  4. Outschool.com |  small-group classes online (referral link: get $20 off your first class!)



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