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Are you ready to start your family's homeschoool journey?

Get there with confidence and clarity.

Bypass the overwhelm of starting something new, and move straight to the freedom and fulfillment of homeschooling.

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Are you ready to start your family's homeschoool journey?

Let me help you get there with confidence and clarity.

Bypass the overwhelm of starting something new, and move straight to the freedom and fulfillment of homeschooling.

Download my free START Homeschooling guide!

Do you want to explore the option of homeschool...

...but you have more questions than answers?
  • I'm not sure where to find good curriculum that centers Black and Brown children.
  • I don't know what the homeschool laws are where I live.
  • I work full-time. Is homeschool even an option for my family?
  • I don't want my kids to feel isolated. Where can I find other homeschool families of color near me?
  • I want to make sure I record grades properly so that my kids can one day apply for college.
  •  I'm not a I qualified to teach my kids?
  • I want to find activities like sports and other extracurriculars for my kids.
  • I'm not sure how to set up our home learning space.

Families of color should have access to the educational freedom and fulfillment that homeschooling offers.

Homeschool Our Way exists to ensure you have the knowledge and the resources needed to start your homeschool journey successfully by guiding you to...

Establish a solid foundation and set clear goals for your family

Select the homeschooling approach that best suits your needs and preferences

Find curriculum options and learning resources that celebrate the Black experience

Build connections with other homeschool families families of color


I began my family's homeschool journey just like you... 

I was completely overwhelmed with information overload and unsure of how to get started so that I could properly guide my kids' education.

But I created a proven system that I'm able to use year after year, and my family has found success and happiness in homeschooling. Now I want to help you do the same!

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Here's how Homeschool Our Way can help you start your homeschool journey...

START Homeschooling Series

This 5-episode audio series will help you get grounded so that you can start your family’s homeschool journey with confidence and clarity.


Homeschool Our Way Podcast

Hear from education experts who share information about curriculum, learning resources and ways you can nurture your precious Black and Brown children in a safe, supportive atmosphere.


Live Speaking Engagements

Book Elan to speak at your upcoming event or workshop, and your audience will walk away with actionable insight on how to start homeschooling.


As featured in...

Download my free audio series...

START Homeschooling!

  1. "S" - Set Your Homeschool Goals: get clear on your family’s “why”
  2. "T" - The Rules Matter: ensure you’re in legal compliance from the very beginning
  3. "A" - All Things Curriculum: select your family’s learning resources with confidence
  4. "R" - Respect the Whole Child: create a well-rounded experience with activities they enjoy
  5. "T" - The Support You Need: learn how to find homeschool community for your family

BONUS Episode: Balancing Homeschool as a Working Mom, with Charlotte Jones