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Are you stuck asking yourself: “How in the world do I get started homeschooling?!?”

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Discover the step-by-step system that takes you from overwhelmed and frustrated to clear, confident, and successfully starting your family’s homeschool journey.


It took me SIX MONTHS to figure out how to START homeschooling.

That’s right…I was six whole months (maybe a little more) and hundreds of dollars into our homeschool journey before things actually started to click.

I know I’m not the only one who agrees: it can be REALLY hard just knowing how to get started!

Which curriculum is best? Should we do online classes or use paperback textbooks? Is it best for all our materials to come from the same place, or should we mix and match? How can we connect with other families of color who homeschool?

There are so many decisions to make, but who’s there to guide you? Is there someone who’s been here before who can AT LEAST point you in the right direction?!?

“Homeschool is way more relaxed than traditional school,” they said. “Just go with the flow, and you’ll figure it out along the way,” they promised.

But what if you don’t have the time, money, and energy to waste “figuring it out” while your baby’s education hangs in the balance?

What if I told you that it is absolutely possible for you to start homeschooling successfully, and never look back?

That doesn’t mean you won’t need to put in some work. But it does mean that you can take actionable steps in the beginning that set a solid foundation for your homeschool journey.

You just need to access the RIGHT information…and a guide to walk you through it.

I made all the initial mistakes so you don’t have to.

I'm Elan Page, and I started off unsure of myself and my ability to educate my kids. But eventually, I stopped playing scared and listening to everyone else and started relying on my instincts as a Mom.

I don't need a masters in education to tell me how to lovingly guide my kids. I’m their Mom! 

But I DEFINITELY could have used a guide to show me how I could set my family up for success as we began our homeschool journey.

Thankfully, though, I began to figure it out. Through years of research and some trial and error, I developed a proven method. And now I want to teach it to you.

Using the 5 steps of my START Homeschooling Method™, I will walk you through the same step that I took to set a firm foundation for my family’s homeschool experience. From setting goals to recording grades and many things in between, we’ll cover it all together.

Let me be your guide as you start your homeschool journey. I’ll show you how I’ve ushered my family into the freedom and fulfillment that the world of homeschool has to offer. And I’m confident that I can help you do the same!


The self-paced, step-by-step online course experience to help families of color start your homeschool journey with confidence and clarity...

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START Homeschooling Method™


"S": Set Your Goals

Start by setting the goals and the vision that you have for your family.

"T": The Rules Matter

Get clear on how you can set up your homeschool and what will wrk best for your family.

"A": All Things Curriculum

Curriculum is not one-size-fits-all. It's about understanding your family's needs and how your kids learn best.

"R": Respect the Whole Child

Homeschooling shouldn't just be about academics. Lean into nurturing your kids' God-given talents and passions. 

"T": The Support You Need

We're better together. Learn how to connect with other homeschoolers to find support for the whole family. 

What will you get out of the Blueprint course?

The Homeschool Launch Blueprint is packed with actionable lessons presented in short, digestible videos that guide you to accomplish the following:

  • Craft Your Family’s Vision for Homeschool
  • Gain an Understanding of Your State's Laws
  • Select learning options that align with your children's needs and your family's values.
  • Connect with homeschool communities of color and leverage their support, social interaction and shared resources.
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The 5-Step Homeschool Launch Blueprint Curriculum

This is the road map that will take you from confusion to clarity.

What Fellow "Newbie" Homeschool Moms Are Saying 

About the Homeschool Launch Blueprint

Domiana Ndour

Mom of 3 | Arizona

Planning + mapping out your day/week/year = overwhelm dissolved. Phew!! Mapping and planning out your day week and year was by far the most beneficial step for me in the course. It created action and structure, and it was exactly what I needed.

Candice Tyson

Mom of 3 | Texas

Elan has encouraged me to see myself as the lead in my children's educational journey, and it has been a game-changer. She is passionate not just about academics, but about children’s overall development. I highly recommend the Homeschool Launch Blueprint to any parent who wants to learn how to provide a comprehensive educational experience for their children through homeschool.

Marisol Beltran

Mom of 2 | Texas

I’m so grateful to Elan for the space she’s created with her podcast and with the Homeschool Launch Blueprint. Both have really helped me figure things out with homeschooling my daughter because now I understand how she’s wired and how she likes to learn. I look forward to all the lives Elan continues to touch on this homeschool journey. She’s truly a blessing to this world!


Myisha Wallace

Mom of 3 | Florida

Bring a notebook and folders to organize all the great information presented! I really enjoyed the course delivery...the modules and visuals were very helpful for me.


Many of us think we need a bunch of unnecessary stuff to start our homeschool journey: expensive curriculum, a fancy "study room" in our home, costly private tutors, etc.


If you're anything like me, you could easily waste HUNDREDS of dollars just testing out a bunch of different things, trying to see what sticks. 


But the Homeschool Launch Blueprint saves you time AND money, taking you directly to the information you actually need to start your homeschooling journey successfully.

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What you'll receive in EITHER payment option...

  • Pre-recorded lessons to watch or listen to at your convenience. 
  • Lifetime access to all recordings (lessons and live Q&A sessions)
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets and lesson notes
  • BONUS LESSON: Homeschooling Your Neurodivergent Child Successfully


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