24: How to Teach Science with Fun and Creativity, with Tina Salmanowitz

In this episode of the Homeschool Our Way Podcast, my guest, Tina Salmanowitz - founder of the homeschool science curriculum Little Monsters Universe - is helping us teach science to our kiddos using fun and creativity. Using her patented method, we homeschool parents are equipped with being able to nurture our children’s natural curiosities about the world around them by teaching them to “Think Like a Scientist”. They’ll learn to:

  1. Learn how to plan experiments
  2. Learn to execute experiments
  3. Learn how to observe the results
  4. Learn to analyze the data
  5. Learn how to draw your own conclusions
  6. Learn how to communicate what they’ve learned

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Tina talks about how she creates a science-friendly environment in her home, and our friend, home organizer Kristen Economaki, helped Tina organize her space! Check out Kristen’s episode (#19) of the Homeschool Our Way Podcast: “Your Ultimate Homeschool Space Makeover”.



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