23: The Benefits of Finding Homeschool Community

In this episode of the Homeschool Our Way Podcast, I’m sharing three benefits of finding community as we make our way through this homeschool journey.

  • Shared VALUES
  • Shared RESOURCES

And be sure to check out these communities (and community-finding resources) below:

  1. Homeschool Our Way’s new Facebook Group! ➡️ OUR WAY: Homeschool Connection for Families of Color
  2. Melanin Mamas Homeschooling new Facebook Group!
  3. Black Homeschoolers DFW Facebook group (or search for a local group near you!)
  4. Melanin Moms Homeschool Facebook group
  5. The Melanin Village | For local, in-person homeschool communities for families of color
  6. Outschool.com | For educational classes and fun virtual groups (*this referral link gives you $20 off your first Outschool class!)



If you have questions, I’d love to help you get answers! I’m inviting my fellow homeschool moms to join me on the podcast to ask me any and every question you might have about homeschooling. 

Send me a DM ➡️ Homeschool Our Way and tell me about yourself:

  • Where you’re from
  • Tell me about your kiddos (how many/how old are they)
  • Tell me where you are in your homeschool journey (considering it, just starting, etc)

**Be sure to share and tell a friend too! 



Does this sound like you? ➡️ You’re interested in starting homeschool soon (or maybe you’ve just started recently), but you need a guide to walk you through how to get out of the gate successfully. 

If that’s you, then I can help! I’m creating a course to help you start your homeschool journey with clarity and confidence in 10 days or less, and I’ll be taking a few folks alongside me for a more hands-on learning approach. So if you’d like to be in that group, click the link above to learn more! 


Resources from Elan:

Determine Your Child’s Learning Style | Learning Style Quiz

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