29: How Brittany Rhodes is Using Math to Build Girls’ Confidence through Black Girl MATHgic

In this episode of the Homeschool Our Way Podcast, I’m joined by Brittany Rhodes, the founder of Black Girl MATHgic, a subscription activity kit for kids. She’s giving us ways to build confidence in our kids - especially in our little Black girls - for doing math! She wants us to remember to:

  • Approach math from a place of curiosity, not defeat. We don’t want our kids…and our girls especially…to think they can’t do something before they even get started.
  • Always think about the intent AND the impact of your words…and when it comes to math, use words that affirm your child’s ability to do it.

Every Black Girl MATHgic box is designed to support in your child’s confidence and also in their ability to understand and apply math through their lived experience. And ultimately, the activities in the kit make math concepts come to life! Learn more in the links below:

Black Girl MATHgic: Website | Donate a Box! | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok 

Resources mentioned in this episode: Would You Rather Math | Table Talk Math


Additional Resources from Elan:


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