32: Here Comes the New Year! Rewinding 2023 and Anticipating 2024

2024 is here! In this episode of the Homeschool Our Way Podcast, I’m laser-focused on helping those of you who have “Starting Homeschool” on your 2024 goals get started on your way to achieving that.

So I take a look back at five episodes from 2023 that will help you jumpstart your journey, AND I’m excited to announce an upcoming 2024 series that will help you start a solid foundation with my Homeschool START method.

Take a listen and check out the links below...and then join me as we kick off in 2024!


2023 Podcast Episodes to Help You Start Your Journey


Get Ready to Walk With Me Through the Homeschool START Method

  • S - Set your goals 
  • T - The Rules Matter, so let’s get clear on how we can set up our family’s homeschool
  • A - All things curriculum
  • R - Respect the WHOLE child because this homeschool thing is about more than just academics
  • T - The support you need for your homeschool journey


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