36: Balancing Homeschool as a Working Mom, with Charlotte Jones [START Homeschooling Series]

In this episode of the Homeschool Our Way Podcast, we’re talking about homeschooling as a working mom. The fact is that the majority of moms of color in this country work outside the home, so if that sounds like your reality, my guest - Charlotte Jones - is here to help you with practical ways you can manage your responsibilities as a working mom AND your responsibilities as a homeschool mom.

Charlotte has been a working homeschool mom since 2017, and she’s using her experience to help other moms figure out the messy beginning so that they can take their first homeschool steps with confidence. She’s also the creator of My Little Homeschool and The Strike a Balance Podcast for Working Homeschool Moms.

In this episode, Charlotte guides us on:

  • How not to let comparison get you off track
  • How to set boundaries for your time
  • How to be more present so you can concentrate on the task at hand

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