40: Infusing Black History and Culture into Homeschooling, with Amber O'Neal Johnston

In this episode of the Homeschool Our Way Podcast, I’m joined by guest Amber O’Neal Johnston. She’s a homeschool mom of four, speaker, and author of the book A Place to Belong: Raising Kids to Celebrate Their Heritage, Community, and the World

Amber talks about how she infuses Black history and culture into her family’s homeschool experience, and she shares with us the following:

  • How another Black woman in her neighborhood introduced her to homeschool and helped change her family’s trajectory.
  • The turning point with her daughter that caused Amber to ensure that Black representation was a central part of their homeschool life.
  • How her own experience with school encouraged her to want to foster a love for learning for her kids.
  • How her book inspires all people - regardless of race/gender/ability/etc - to explore their own place of belonging.


Be sure to get your copy of A Place to Belong, as well as her multicultural study guides called Heritage Packs.


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